Your Worst Nightmare

Dolly was a doll that lived in a normal suburban house. She belonged to a person who would always were a black cape. No one knew who the person was but they knew what the person did. The person would wail and wail for her dead children. Dolly wasn’t the only doll there, most of the house was dedicated to the dolls and the dead children. One night on Friday the 13th of October 1995, the dolls became possessed and started rebelling against the person in the black cape. The dolls were believed to be possessed by the many dead children.

The house remained haunted but people still go in it to get a scare but on Friday the 13th of October teenagers host a massive party and no one knows how and who will be one of the 13 people killed. The person in the black cape was believed to be carrying her last baby still alive and healthy but no one knows who the baby is or who the person was and if she is alive today.

About me

Hi my name is Meri and I am in year 6. I live in South Australia. My favourite sport is hockey and athletics. I do it for club. I also love swimming and I do it for club as well. I love animals and I have 2 cats called Chloe and Lucy, I also have 2 goldfish. I have a younger sister. My favourite subjects at school are P.E, Maths and Geography.

Language Features

Hi, my name is Sally, and I love using language features! My favourite language feature is probably alliteration because it makes your story funky. It is used like this: always awesome alliteration. Another language feature I like is similes, this is how they are used, she was as strong as an ox. As you can see, I can’t live without language features! Do you like using language features? However, onomatopoeia is when you describe the sound that something makes like, a cat goes meow. The End.

Using Images

On your blog you can post images as long as you reference them. An easy way to do this is to get the Compfight Plugin. You can also make your own images and post them

The Compfight Plugin lets you stream images and also use them in posts. It will also reference the images by itself so you don’t need to reference it yourself. This is great because is isn’t Copyright.

You simply type in the keyword you are looking for, it will allow you to stream a lot of images relating to that topic. As you can see it is very easy to use.

If you want more information go onto the year 6 blog, go onto “Our Very First Student Blog Challenge” and find the “Using Images” paragraph.

Here is my mini saga


Belle lived deep into the forest with her mother. But then tragedy struck, her mother fell very ill eventually she passed away leaving Belle by herself apart from her Godmother.

Belle lives with her Godmother even though she seems nice, she sounds suspicious to Belle. As years passed, Belle and her Godmother grew older. Belle’s Godmother became very nasty to her.

Belle decided to run away, deeper into the woods, further away from her man and nasty Godmother. The rain and hail poured down onto Belle due to her Godmother’s magical powers to change the weather to make Belle suffer even more. The Godmother sent out a Huntsman to kill Belle. The Huntsman found Belle, but luck took it’s place, rather than killing Belle, the two found love at first sight. The Huntsman showed Belle out of the woods. The Huntsman found a place for Belle to stay. It was a lovely little cottage with seven little beds in it.

Belle woke up to the fright of someone in the house. even little trolls marched into the house not expecting someone in one of their beds. The trolls were very nice to Belle as they comforted her after all of the drama she has faced.

The Godmother did not give up, she created a poison apple to give to Belle. She disguised herself and sold the apple to Belle. The apple failed to poison Belle so she lived the rest of her life in peace. The End.